Where there’s a need, there’s an SSI solution.

Steel Structures, Inc., may be known as industry-leading tank builders. But we think of ourselves, first and foremost, as problem solvers. Sure, in our field, many problems can be solved with a high-quality steel tank. But others call for a more specialized or innovative solution. For those cases, SSI offers these additional products:

  • Hangar doors – Available in all sizes to work with any hangar system
  • Vertilok bins – Custom common wall bin systems for industry and ag

Vertilok multi-compartment storage bins

Steel Structures, Inc. has become a familiar name among industries requiring multi-compartment storage. With advanced construction techniques and computer aided design of the VERTILOK panel, Steel Structures provides custom common-wall bin systems to efficiently meet the needs of the industrial and agricultural storage systems.

  • Top quality construction, excellent flow characteristics
  • The fastest erected bin system available
  • Lateral contours improve flow characteristics for even the toughest materials
  • Up to 7,200 cubic feet per compartment.
  • For materials weighing from 20 to 120 pounds per cubic foot.
  • Complete with engineering, including foundation design for any seismic zone.
  • 60 years’ experience
  • Comprehensive coating capabilities that meet requirements for corrosive resistance and non-contamination

Custom designed and built to your requirements – call to discuss: (559) 673-8021