Designed to meet your specifications. And exceed your expectations.

Tank design and construction have been the mainstay of Steel Structures, Inc., from the very beginning. In our 9-acre manufacturing plant, SSI can handle fabrication of virtually any size water tanks, ASME pressure tanks and an endless variety of custom tanks. All designed and engineered to stand up to real-world usage, and manufactured in compliance with Underwriters Laboratories 142 specifications. All built to your exact specifications, delivered on time and on budget.

  • Carbon steel tanks: for industrial acids, etc., coated for corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel tanks: for water, industrial, ag & residential storage 
  • Chemical storage tanks: for industrial & ag, coated for corrosion protection 
  • Petroleum product tanks: for oil & fuel, single- & double-wall containment 
  • AWWA water & wastewater tanks: for municipal, fire & water treatment uses 
  • Agricultural tanks: fuel tanks, chemical tanks, water tenders, etc. 
  • Industrial tanks: chemical & food processing tanks, coned & flat bottom, etc. 
  • Poly lined carbon steel tanks: for water, chemicals, oils, fertilizers & more