Surge Control System

A surge control system is essential for protecting pipelines from dangerous transient events due to pump starts and stops, sudden valve closures, water hammer and other causes. Steel Structures, Inc./Pressure Vessel Technology (SSI/PVT) is among the few manufacturers offering complete surge control systems, ensuring total protection and reliable performance throughout the component chain.

Every SSI/PVT compressor surge control system is custom-designed for each client to meet their unique needs. Following a detailed analysis of their fluid system, we determine the optimum style and size of the surge tank and components. As a result, SSI/PVT clients have reliable solutions for any potential transient flow issue.

Compressor Surge Control System:

At the heart of SSI/PVT’s compressor surge control system is our ASME-certified pressure vessel and our automatic level control system, comprised of the control panel, level transmitter, air compressor, valves and sight glass.

The pressure in the pipeline is consistently and automatically monitored. If a pressure decrease occurs, the surge arrestor immediately triggers a discharge of water to the pipeline before column separation takes place. Depending on the fluid system, complete pipeline protection may require two separate surge control systems: one on the discharge side of the pump and one on the suction side.